MBO (Métaux Blancs Ouvrés) was founded in 1947.

Since that date, MBO has been manufacturing and selling soldering wires, fluxes (in liquid or gel form), wave soldering alloys, preforms, solder pastes and some specific products such as peelable mask.

The range of lead-free alloys is compatible with RoHS solder. Nevertheless, for specific applications, lead alloys are still available.
Our products are found in BGA welding, wave soldering, PCB production and electronic components and more generally in the industrial brazing.

MBO has steadily strengthened its European and international position to serve its customers better.
Thus, the commercial subsidiary MBO UK was created in 1987-1988

In 2002, MBO POLSKA, which also has manufacturing facilities, was established.

Ainsi, la filiale commerciale MBO UK a été créée en 1988.

En 2002, MBO POLSKA (en Pologne) qui dispose également de moyens de fabrication a vu le jour.

MBO China was established in 2006 to meet the needs of Asian customers.

In 2008, MBO acquired Radiel/FONDAM and became the only French manufacturer of tin solder products.