Solder paste printing

Solder paste printing

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*for higher temperatures Pb92,5Sn5Ag2,5

Activated version (RA) available upon request (ROL1 classification).

The lead-free SP 250 solder paste helps to limit the formation of voids during reflow. Results of less
than 10% voids can be achieved with standard reflow ovens. With vacuum reflow processes, results
below 5% are possible. Its J-STD 004 ROL0 classification and its very good wettability on conventional
substrates make it suitable for a wide range of applications.

RSN 70 LF : Replacement solder paste for the SIRIUS 1 LF version. Better stability over time (no drying phenomenon), better results in terms of printing and definition (no problem for pitch up to 0.3 mm). Printing speeds can be high (80 mm / s possible). This solder paste is especially recommended with lead-free alloys.
The RSN 70 LF solder paste has a ROL0 classification and can be used in all applications where a No Clean solder paste is required.

  • No clean solder paste with low clear residues
  • High speed printing
  • Long life on screen
  • Can be reflowed in air or under nitrogen
  • Different activated versions are available
  • Powder perfectly spherical and free from oxide
  • MBO offers different powder sizes from type 3 (25-45µm) to type 5 ( 15- 25µm).
    Other powder size available upon request.

IPC tests passed (SIR, Slump test, Tackforce, Copper Mirror, Solder balling test…)

Available packaging:

  • 250g, 500g jar
  • From 500g to 1kg cartridge
  • 2.5kg refill container
  • Proflow cartridge

Flux gel is suitable for use with soldering and SMD rework as well as other similar applications.
MOB 39 and FLT 396 flux gel are suitable for BGA component rework. 
These flux gel are no clean and halogen free (ROLO according to J-STD-004) leaving low  residues that are non-corrosive.
Supplied in syringes of 5g, 10g and in 100g, 200g, 400g and 1kg jar

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