Company announcement

Company announcement

MBO « METAUX BLANCS OUVRES » is a privately owned company established in 1947

MBO offers customers worldwide a range of soft solder products suitable for a wide range of applications.

MBO are a manufacturer of Leaded and Lead Free Solder Alloys, Solder Wires, Solder Bars, Solder Sticks, Solder Pellets, Solder Anodes, Solder Pastes, Liquid Flux and Flux Gel suitable for use in industries to include electronics, electrical, electromechanical and plumbing, amongst others.

MBO only uses virgin metals in their manufacturing process.

The Research and Development Team develops new chemical formulations for use in their solid flux for cored wires, liquid flux, flux gels and pastes.

MBO provides a wide range of Technical Support and R & D Service to their customers assisting them to develop products and process to suit their customers’ requirement to include:

  • Technical Support of products and processes
  • Development of new products
  • Analysis of customers solder baths/pots
  • Commercial support on customers’ requirements

MBO has an international network of production and sales staff to include agents and distributors.

  • MBO Headquarters is in France and was established in 1947
  • MBO (UK) LTD was established in 1987
  • MBO Poland was established in 2002
  • MBO China was established in 2006

MBO’s success has been built on the back of producing high quality products, continual development of new products and processes as well as embracing new technologies.

MBO are an ISO9001 Accredited Manufacturer

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