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The tin based solder preforms are customised parts for specific end customer applications. MBO offers a wide range of preformed solder shapes in tape and reel packaged dedicated to automated assembly or for manual use in bulk packaging.

Preforms are available in various shapes :

  • Ribbon
  • Discs, washers
  • Squares, rectangles, hexagons

They are produced in several alloys (alloy composition should be validated by MBO engineering department). We offer also preforms with incorporated flux or without flux. Preforms are best used for assembly production especially in applications difficult to access with soldering irons or standard reflow process.

Areas of application where preforms can be of benefit:

  • Passive and active components
  • Power components (capacitor and fuse)
  • Connector pins and receptacles

Our engineering department will calculate and recommend the best solder preform in order to fulfill your requirements.