(Tin) Solder wires

(Tin) Solder wires

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MBO offers a wide range of solder wires, suitable for electronic and industrial soldering.

The MBO solder wires are available in lead-free alloys in accordance with European directives. The solder wires wires can be either in solid form (alloy only) or with incorporated flux (alloy + flux). Our solder wire range is available in diameters from 0.2mm to 6mm

General note: After extensive in-house resin flux performance validation testing, MBO has decided to increase the shelf life for this family of solder wires from one year to two years. This new value is valid for flux classifications starting with RO in J-STD 004.

Applications :
Soft soldering on printed circuits, soldering of any type of component
Soldering of power components, of electromechanical parts
Connectors soldering
High and low melting point solders are also available to support your specific process
RoHS lead free solders

Supplied on:
-DIN spool from 10g to 20kg
-Drums: from 10kg to 50kg

Available flux (J-STD 004 classification)

* = flux No CLEAN

ROB : flux dedicated to robot application
RZ : flux dedicated to solder on zinc substrate. Mainly recommended in capacitors industry.
RES0 : clear residues with very low splitting